Piano Lesson

Lesson type: One to One

Music Theory/Musicianship (AMEB)

Lesson Type: One to One/Group

Piano Lesson For Young Beginners - From Age 4+

  • Sitting position and hands/fingers Shapes.

  • Developing sense of pitch, pulse and sound colour

  • Introduction of the keys and keyboard diagram.

  • Notation reading and basic performing skill 

Piano Lesson For AMEB and ABRSM (Practial Examination)

  • Fulfill the criteria of AMEB and ABRSM examination (including sight- reading, aural test and general knowledge)

  • Heaps of resources and tips for exam preparation

  • Video/audio demonstration on the examination pieces.


Miss Yvonne

Piano Home Studio

North Shore, Sydney

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About The Lessons

Teaching Blog

Trial Lesson (30 min.)

The trial lesson includes:

- An interview with the students/parents.

- Assessment on the student's pervious learning experience.

- Introducing lesson structure, content, and materials.

- Teaching demonstration


Piano Lesson for all ages

  • Fundamental piano techniques and artistic performing skill.

  • Aural awareness of pitch, tonality and rhythm.

  • Music theory.

  • Sight reading.

  • Introduction of Music History and Composer.

  • Music creativity- composing.

( Lesson Structure and Content are Adjustable For Individual Needs)

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In Miss Yvonne Piano Home Studio, all the lessons are delivered in an instructive and enjoyable way. By attending numerious music conferences around the world, Miss Yvonne has observed the newest teaching ideas and technology.  She makes sure that her teaching method is the most updated and attractive to her student's interest.

The Studio Policy

Lessons will be billed on a termly basis with 2 instalments. Parents/guardians will receive an invoice by email.

Payment Method

Lesson Cancellation

Discontinuing Lessons

School Term Breaks

If a student must discontinue lessons, a written 4 weeks notice is required.

Lesson during term break can be made by appointment. The students who take piano exam in term 2 or 3, are recommended to have lessons during term break.

Lesson Observation

All parents/guardians are welcome at any time to observe the lesson. Lesson observation is important and recommended for young beginners (at the age of 8 or under)

Practice Time

Students need a daily, non- interrupted time to practice. Time will vary according to teacher assignments and students levels.

Books and Materials

Student are responsible to purchase their piano books. A piano dairy book and scrap book will be provided for young beginners



Concert Registration:

Concert is not compulsory, but highly recommended to all students. Concert Registraion fee is not included in the tuition fees due to extra cost. The concert regitsration fee is based on the cost of venue and staffs hire. As the concert is non-profit event, the registration fee will cover:

Tuition Services:

Tuition does not not cover the actual lesson time spent with the student, but also time preparing for each student as well

* An indiviualized plan for each student's course of study

* Setting up student's profile (including editing student's audio/video recording

* Writing annual report for each child (who are not doing examination)

* Creating teaching materials or pieces specifically for your child.

* Practicing your child's pieces and making video demonstration.

* Discussion with the parents regarding to your child's learning progress.

* Studio Newsletter.

* Organization work.

* Venue hire

* Staffs hire

* Materials provided ( such as programs, flowers, gift or attendance certificate)

  • All cancellations must be minimum of 7 days prior to the lesson, a refund will be given (only 1 missed lesson/per term permitted)

  • Cancellation within 7 days due to illness or emergency must be notified by phone or e-mail by 9:00 am the morning of the lesson, the lesson will be rescheduled at the earliest possible date or during school breaks.

  • Cancellation after 9:00 am the morning of the lesson will result the loss of any lesson fee.

  • A refund will be given if cancellation is made by the teacher due to bad weather, illness or emergency.